Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists Studio

Bindi Artists Studio

Adrian Jangala Robertson
Pendant $680 / Floor Stand Shade $580
610 X 300 mm

Billy Tjampjinpa Kenda
Floor Stand Shade $580 / Pendant $680
610 X 300 mm

Jane Mervin
Table Stand Shade $450
356 X 250 mm

Kukula McDonald
Floor Stand Shade $480 / Pendant $580
406 X 300 mm

Lance James
Pendant Shade $580 / Floor Stand Shade $480
406 X 300 mm

Billy Benn
Floor Stand Shade $580 / Pendant $680
610 X 300 mm

Established in 2000, The Bindi Mwerre Anthurre Artists studio is the first in Australia to occupy the intersection between supported studios and Aboriginal Art Centres. The studio provides a means for indigenous artists living with a disability to develop and receive recognition for their artistic practices by providing supported studio spaces, a national exhibition schedule, design contracts, multimedia collaborations, art fairs and art award opportunities.

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Bindi Workshop

Workshop Main Img

Employees are supported and encouraged to develop skills in a range of production processes, learning use of tools, safety procedures, material properties and working to briefs.

One of Bindi’s longest running departments, the workshop consists of wood work and sheet metal work. Amongst commercial agreements, the workshop upcycles timber to create a unique range of hand crafted timber products, including their famous tucker boxes.

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Bindi Contracts

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The contracts department secures commercial agreements with local and national businesses, thereby providing supported employees a variety of tasks such as packaging, delivering, sorting and labelling. Previously, Bindi held a long-standing contract with QANTAS to refurbish headsets used on domestic flights.

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Headphone Repackaging at Bindi Enterprises
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Newer contracts include a postal delivery service to Alice Springs’ town camps. The contracts department provides work to upwards of 11 supported employees. The collaborative nature of the work helps to cultivate the strong sense of community that underlies the contracts department.

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Australia Post Delivery at Bindi Enterprises
QANTAS headphone repackaging at Bindi Enterprises
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